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take a summer to grow and

share your faith

Youth Rush is a powerful ministry that helps you grow as a person, a Christian, and grow the kingdom of God at the same time.

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do ministry

earn money

We know that you want a meaningful experience (and that you need money for school, too).

Students have earned an average of between $3,500 and $4,000 before taxes while participating in Youth Rush. Most Adventist schools match a percentage (up to 100%) to boost your earnings for your Christian education.

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Students from all backgrounds have appreciated the Youth Rush experience for how it grows them and gives them a sense of purpose and mission.


Intensely Spiritual

Youth Rush is focused on Jesus. Not only are we sharing Christ-centered literature throughout the cities we visit, but we encourage and teach you how to deepen your own spiritual walk.


Life Changing

This work is life-changing. Not only does it help students grow and become closer to Christ, but it is a powerfully effective way of reaching those in the community who are longing for something more.

That Book Changed My Life

Watch the video to see how one little book and a knock on a lady’s door from Kristian changed her life.

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“Youth Rush has given me a personal relationship with Jesus. It feels amazing to be used by Him every day.”

Kristian B.
UCC Youth RUsh Student

“Youth Rush has changed my life completely. I now understand how important our lives are to God, and as His followers we need to bring others to Him as well.”

Emilie C.
UCC Youth Rush Student

Join us at Youth Rush this summer!

You’ll make lasting memories and friendships, plus experience God working through you like never before.

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