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Youth Rush is Student Literature Evangelism for today.

Literature Evangelism is a highly effective way of reaching souls for Christ! Through books, the Word of God is taken with students as they go door-to-door. Many students will find that the books they have, answer the very questions people have been asking! The Word of God is presented by smiling faces and life after life will be touched and transformed! It is a great way to share God’s love and at the same time help students with their school and finances.

From Sunday to Thursday, students go door-to-door. Before going out, students have brunch, worship, training, and finally prayer together as they head out to share Jesus with their community. Students will go out in teams which are guided by experienced and trained leaders. On days off, students will find leisure time to do their laundry, relax, and have fun together. Sabbath is an opportunity to share with local churches the spiritual experiences they had in the field, plus allows them to experience the Sabbath rest in a different light.

Why should I join Youth Rush?

Christian Growth

Front line ministry will stretch and expand your Christian experience. Many students have seen their prayer and devotional life strengthen, while growing closer to Christ.

Learn Skills

You will develop people skills, as well as leadership skills. You can use these skills at home, church, or even your future – no matter what profession you choose.

Experience Miracles

Modern day miracles… They still happen! All it takes is a step of faith and a knock on someone’s door. It’s amazing to experience God using you as He changes lives each day!

Lasting Friendships

At Youth Rush, you’ll make lasting friendships for life. These friends, just like you, are wanting to dedicate their lives to serving God.

Matching Scholarship

Missionary work that provides a scholarship! Schools will even match your earnings, up to 100% This is a work that not only saves souls, but is also a great way of providing for your financial needs in education!

Earn without Expense

Housing, transportation, and brunch are provided without charge to the students during the entire 10 week program. This allows you to earn without spending what you’re earning on just living and getting around.

Students Participated
Homes Visited
$1.3 M
Donations Received
Books Distributed

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Any male or female who is at least 16 years of age or older, who has a love for Jesus, and is willing to make a ten-week commitment to work hard and serve Jesus.  If you have questions about your eligibility to work, contact us.

How long is the Youth Rush program?

Upper Columbia Youth Rush summer programs are a ten-week commitment. For this coming summer, the dates are June 9 to August 16, 2019

How much commission will I earn?

Commission is 35%. At the end of the program, students who complete the ten-week commitment will receive an additional 15% retroactive commission bonus, which will equal 50%.

Where do we work?

We work in a variety of cities and towns within the Upper Columbia Conference territory, which covers eastern Washington, northeastern Oregon, and northern Idaho.

Is housing provided? Do I have any expenses at Youth Rush?

Housing, transportation, and most expenses are covered for your time at Youth Rush. You are only responsible for one meal each day plus small toiletries (like shampoo and deodorant).

What if school ends after June 9 or starts before August 16?

That’s no problem. You would come when school ends, or leave when school begins.

Will we have time off?

Yes. There is a “home leave” weekend in the middle of the summer. Any other time off, during the summer, must be pre-approved by the conference.

How much will the schools match my earnings?

Go to Scholarships and find out how much the school of your choice is willing to match what you earn.

Can I request a certain location?

Yes, however, due to program limitations in size and other factors, requests are not guaranteed. The earlier you apply and are accepted, the better your chance of a request being approved.

When is the application deadline?

There is not a set deadline to apply for Youth Rush. However, due to limited space, we no longer accept applicants once we are filled for each summer.  It’s always a better option to apply sooner than later to ensure the best chance of getting a spot. Apply Now.

Text us at (509) 731-3650 if you have any additional questions.

What Students are Saying

“Youth Rush has strengthened my relationship with God and given me a fuller understanding of true Christianity.”

Elisia M.
UCC Youth Rush Student

“It helped me develop better leadership habits. I have grown in communication skills and personal development.”

Brian P.
UCC Youth Rush Student