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Earnings and Scholarship


How much will I earn?

A student who works the full program earns an average of between $3,500 and $4,000 before taxes are deducted and scholarship matching funds are added. 

Students can earn more or less, depending on how hard they work and how they apply training in the field.

What is Youth Rush Scholarship matching?

Matching scholarships are additional funds given to you by the school you’re attending as a match when the earnings you make at Youth Rush are applied toward your tuition. Most Adventist academies and colleges have a matching program for Youth Rush students in place, with matching amounts varying based on several factors.

How Does it Work?

Let’s say you earn $3,000 with Youth Rush that you apply toward your school bill. If the school matches 50% of the first $3,000 (a common school matching formula), they will give you a credit on your bill for an additional $1,500 – for a total of $4,500.

What does my school match?

The best way to ensure you know what the school you’re planning to attend is going to match is to contact them directly and ask. Sometimes schools change their matching formula without contacting us, so the matching information we provide may not be up to date. See the information below for the most up-to-date matching formulas we have available.

School Matching Formulas

Upper Columbia Academy: 25% of first $2,000 = $500 maximum match

Walla Walla Valley Academy: 25% of first $2,000 = $500 maximum match

Cascade Christian School: unknown

Walla Walla University: 50% of first $3,000 = $1,500 maximum match

Upper Columbia Academy 25%
Walla Walla Valley Academy 25%
Walla Walla University 50%